We offer improvement opportunities for everyone, whether you’re a student, a developer with little experience, or an experienced manager.

For students, we have C++ and .NET internship; for beginner developers, paid study time, and mentor support; for experienced employees, in-house technical information on our implemented projects and solutions, a corporate university, a Dev Club, and much more.

Grow with the help of our Apriorit experts and mentors!

A man wearing glasses behind a laptop next to a pile of books
A man wearing glasses behind a laptop next to a pile of books


We offer improvement opportunities for everyone, whether you’re a student, a developer with little experience, or an experienced manager.

For students, we have C++ and .NET internship; for beginner developers, paid study time, and mentor support; for experienced employees, in-house technical information on our implemented projects and solutions, a corporate university, a Dev Club, and much more.

Grow with the help of our Apriorit experts and mentors!

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We offer internships on advanced C++ and low-level programming (based on C++) and advanced .NET web development (based on C#), which are held several times a year and last three months. Training can take place both in Apriorit offices and remotely. Our lectures are given by employees and developers who have more than one year of commercial software development experience.

To become an expert, you need to have both theoretical and practical knowledge. That’s why our internship is focused on improving basic programming knowledge and gaining practical experience. In addition to attending lectures, interns work on projects that require the same skills as commercial software development. Projects are developed in a team, so interns can also improve their teamwork skills.

We invite university graduates with IT-related degrees who want to become C++ and .NET developers and have at least a pre-intermediate level of English to apply for the internship at Apriorit. The size of each study group is limited, and we select participants based on test results. At the end of the internship, the best interns are offered positions in the company.

Send us your application and we will consider you for our next internship.


In 2015, I graduated from university and joined Apriorit’s internship on C++ development after hearing about it from my brother, who had already been working at Apriorit. The following few months were packed with new information. At the end of the internship, I successfully presented our project and was hired as an intern. Thanks to a clear career path and hard work, I was promoted to the team leader position in a few years. Now I manage a team of 11 developers and share my knowledge with them the same way Apriorit developers shared their knowledge with me. There can’t be too much knowledge. That’s why if you want to study, act!
Development Leader
When I was a student at the university, I stumbled on an ad for C# internship and decided to enroll. I passed the initial test, did my homework diligently, and a worked hard on my web chat project. My efforts paid off, as I successfully completed the internship and joined Apriorit in 2016. Over the course of several years, I was promoted from an intern to a software designer, and now I teach new interns about web application security risks. I like to share my experience with interns, and I especially like to see the results of their work and their development within the company.
Software Designer
I started Apriorit’s internship in C++ programming at the company’s office in Kyiv in 2019. Time flew by quickly: lectures, homework, teamwork, and our project. I was very inspired by my mentor who had a deep understanding of driver development, and this was the theme of my project. Looking at his expertise, I wanted to be like him. I have been working at Apriorit on driver development projects for two years now. At first, I didn’t know if I could combine study and work. It turned out that I could. Thanks to the flexible schedule, I can come to the office at a convenient time for me. Also, if necessary, the company provides a six-hour working day and pays for study leave.
Software Developer
I tried to join the Apriorit internship when I was a freshman at my university. Probably it was too ambitious, but I tried again a few years later and passed the initial test. This internship is an opportunity to gain experience that is impossible to gain within the university. We learned to work as a team as well as independently under the supervision of a mentor. The internship was also a great opportunity to develop a full-fledged project. They helped me understand that I can learn over the weekend how to add a new framework to a project, and they also taught me that I am very responsible and a bit of a workaholic. I definitely recommend starting a programming internship at Apriorit.
Software Developer
I heard about the Apriorit internship at my university, applied for it, finished it, and am now successfully working at the company. The key benefit of the training is that you get so much information and work with lots of different technologies in a relatively short period of time. Another benefit is that the lecturer will always find time for any of your questions. Thanks to this internship, I gained expertise, a job offer, and networking experience. It’s incredibly useful for an inexperienced developer like me who before the internship didn’t know how to start working in IT.
Software Developer
I joined the internship almost accidentally. My friends and I were looking for a summer job and found out about this opportunity. I finished the internship and started working at Apriorit. During training, our tutor was very helpful and always made sure he answered our questions. For me, the most important part of the internship was the experience of teamwork and developing a realistic project. I gained a lot of knowledge and learned to use several technologies that I had never encountered before. Now I use these technologies in real projects at work. Apriorit’s internship is a great opportunity to show yourself to the world and get your first work experience.
Software Developer
I was looking for an internship or courses in C++, C, low-level programming. When I found them at Apriorit I was thrilled because these should be practical courses where the topics that interested me would be covered. And this was really so. Throughout the course and during employment after it, there was great support. Special thanks for the working feedback! Without hesitation, I recommend Apriorit courses. Thanks to the exciting atmosphere and interesting learning process, the course time passes unnoticed. Many practical materials and tasks make learning productive and meaningful.
Software Developer
I considered myself pretty good at C++ and searched for special programs for students. The Apriorit's course really sparked my interest. During the course, the tasks for participants were challenging at times, but they were all fun to do and allowed me to learn new things about different areas of software engineering. My personal favorite was the last task, where under the guidance of a mentor, the participants in teams of two had to work together on a single project. I had never done anything like this before, so it required a lot of research, but we were able to make it in the end. My advice: don't let your plans for the future just be plans, go out there and take the future for yourself!
Dawid Hanak
Software Developer
I learned about the courses at the university and decided to try it, because I felt that there was not enough programming practice. I enjoyed the courses as they were very hands-on and gave me an insight into what the company did and an initial tour of the industry as a whole. A big advantage for me was the project, which allowed me to understand how the real work was organized and to feel how to work on a real project. And at the end, there was the possibility of employment to the company after successful completion of the courses. That's how I got a job at Apriorit.
Oleksandr Ilchuk
Software Developer
I came across the courses, decided to try it and I passed. At the courses, I liked solving interesting problems that required using of technologies/approaches/patterns that were also used in serious projects. It was also extremely useful to get evaluation of my code and advice from experienced programmers. The lecture part helped me learn and practice many aspects of programming that I had not used before, and the practical part taught me how to manage time and work in a team on a project. Now, I am already working on a real project, because thanks to the courses I got my first job. Yes, I am ready to recommend Apriorit courses!
Dmytro Maslo
Software Developer
I learned about the courses from a friend, and I was very satisfied with them, because they were significantly different from what we were taught at the university. In the second lecture, we already talked about proper resource management and similar rather important techniques used in practice. We did not have so much practice at the university. Even though we studied C++ several years, I did not have much experience in its use. Of course, I recommend courses in Apriorit to beginners, but pay attention: before start the courses you have to know the principles of OOP, and it would be great to have some experience with С++.
Maksym Sheiko
Software Developer
I tried to pass the enroll test twice. The first time, I didn't pass, but I got books to read to be better prepared. I studied for the next six months and tried again. And I did it! I was very happy to study there: a lot of information, practice and, the most important thing, a dialog between students and teachers. You could ask anything and get the answer. I had a lot of homework with a short lead time. This is very important, because it prepares you for real projects. Also, I liked the second part of the course where we made the project and successfully defended it. It gave me skills to work with a team and feel a responsibility to colleagues. I absolutely recommend Apriorit courses!
Dmytro Moroz
Software Developer
I heard about Apriorit at my University. After learning about the C++ courses, I decided to try them out. Looking back at it, the courses were really interesting. Specifically, working on the final project in a team was a lot of fun. After several months of hard work, I finished courses and got a job offer from Apriorit. Of course, I was a little bit anxious about studying in the University and working, but I decided to at least try it. Another thing that worried me a bit was going from making simple projects to working on a big project with a real team. It was a little difficult at first, but I got used to it after some time with the help of my team and mentor.
Rodion Pavlov
Software Developer



For the quarantine period, the internship is conducted remotely.

Here’s a checklist of must-have CV contents.


Of course! To evaluate your skills, you can take an online test (links in the Career development and Useful materials for applicants sections). If you score high enough, we’ll invite you to participate.

The internship is aimed at helping interns find their first job. We’ll also consider non-IT interns and candidates who received their education many years ago. So yes, you can apply, but when enrolling, we prioritize candidates with specialized education.

We’ll contact you within two weeks of the start of the internship. If for any reason you have not been contacted by then, please email [email protected].

Yes, you must speak English at least at an intermediate level.

Testing takes place at an Apriorit office or online.

You can download the trial test on our website. The C++ test is here and the .NET test is here.

Each intern who passes the test will be notified before the start of the internship. If you haven’t been informed of your test result before the internship start date, it’s likely that you didn’t pass and we haven’t informed you about it yet. You can contact us via [email protected] to clarify it.

Each internship lasts three months.

Here are approximate lists of topics for the internship in C++ and .NET.

You can skip classes, but you’ll still have to pass tests and do your homework. Keep in mind that we do take into account class attendance when deciding which interns to offer jobs to. Therefore, if you miss a lot of lectures, it can negatively affect your chances of getting an offer to work at Apriorit.

We invite interns who have successfully passed all stages of the internship. If you show good results, we’ll invite you to work in an entry-level position.

For full-time students, we offer a six-hour workday with a flexible schedule, as well as study leave for the exam period.

Study videos


Here, you can ask our programming experts any questions and get a personal response. Questions and answers will be published on the website.

Can you recommend a tool for measuring the coverage of C++ code with unit tests that can output both a .cobertura file with the percentage of code coverage and a .xml file for the JUnit test parser with data on test results?


If you’re using gcc / clang and Linux, you can measure test coverage with gcov, gather the summary with lcov, and convert it to .cobertura format using lcov-to-cobertura-xml. A JUnit report is available in Google test out of the box.

What is algorithm complexity?


Algorithm complexity depends on the number of operations required to process a certain number of data elements.

For example, if you need to perform one operation on one element and two operations on two elements, then the complexity is a constant. 100 data elements will require 100 operations.

If there’s one operation on one data element and two operations on four elements, this is a more complex algorithm.

The more data you need to process, the more operations you will have to perform. But if one algorithm performs 100 operations to process 10 elements and another performs 1000 operations, the second is more complex.

How would you explain the difference between a programming environment and a compiler in simple terms?


If by programming environment you mean an IDE, it IDE usually provides a code editor with the following features:

– Code highlights and autocomplete

– Software building: if you write code in C++, the IDE calls the C++ compiler and the C++ linker

– Debugging

Some software products like Microsoft Visual Studio and Android Studio include an IDE, compilers, linkers, and everything else you need to develop a solution for a specific platform.

In a broader sense, the programming environment can also include an operating system or a toolkit for a a specific language.

Which libraries can I use for Windows and Linux C++ development?


There’s a general rule: The more widespread the library, the more platforms it supports, and vice versa. Modern and popular C++ libraries like STL, Boost, OpenSSL, protobuf, libuv, PocoLib, Casablanka REST SDK, LibCurl, and Qt are cross-platform and can be used for development on Windows, Linux, macOS, and other systems.

But C++ allows you to use operating system APIs like WinAPI, NT Kernel API, Posix API, Linux Kernel API, and others if necessary. Sometimes C++ supports these APIs via C.

What would you recommend as the best C++ compiler?


The best compiler is the one that fits a specific task or project. However, almost all projects use one of these three compilers: gcc, CLang, or MSVC.

Five laptops, two powerbanks, a smartphone, a teapot, empty tea mugs, a bowl of cereal standing on an office desk.

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Event calendar

Free advanced C++ and low-level programming internship with a scholarship

We select interns based on the results of the object-oriented programming and algorithms knowledge test as well as the English test.

You can sign up for an internship through April 24 (inclusive).

Testing starts online on April 27 at 15:00.

Training will begin on May 3.

What is the internship workflow?

  • 3 months of online training.

    For the first 1.5 months, you’ll be attending lectures three times a week in the afternoon and doing homework.

    For the second 1.5 months, you’ll be working on real projects in a team with the support of a mentor. At this stage of the internship, you’ll be receiving a scholarship.

  • If you receive a job offer, we’ll count one month of training as a part of your probation period.

  • You can also use our internship as part of your university practice.
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